Epson TM-T88VII (151) High-speed Receipt Printer

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USB, Ethernet, Fixed Interface, PS, White/Black

Product Code: C31CJ57151 (White), C31CJ57152 (Black)

Market-leading, high-performance and eco-conscious receipt printers, backed by proven reliability

  • Reliable
  • Backwards compatible
  • Eco-conscious

The TM-T88VII is our new high-performance receipt printer range. It features a range of design, connectivity and usability improvements and enhancements to improve the user experience.


Reliable and high-performance

Avoid downtime by choosing proven, reliable hardware from the market leader1. Fast print speeds of 500mm/s and high-quality, printed legible receipts will ensure happy customers.

Backwards compatible

The TM-T88VII is fully compatible with the existing T88V and T88VI software so there are no expensive costs associated with changing business infrastructure. The printer also has same footprint as previous models, meaning no additional costs of having to change the counters/tills.


The TM-T88VII demonstrates reduced environmental impacts, with lower noise level, lower power consumption and smaller, more efficient power supply. The printer is now compatible with more eco-friendly, Phenol-free paper.

Key Features:

  • Reliable hardware – Backed by our tried and trusted build quality
  • High performance – Max print speed 500mm/s
  • Connectivity and interface options – USB, Ethernet, USB Host as standard; serial, PoweredUSB, options
  • Backwards compatible – Fully compatible with the existing T88V and T88VI software
  • Reduced environmental impacts – Low power consumption, support for Phenol-free paper

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