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Barcodes For Business Ltd is a leading Auto ID solutions provider with an unrivalled dedication to customer service.​

Our mainstream products include label printing systems, barcode scanners, mobile data collection, and custom software applications that can work on either fixed position PC’s, Tablets or mobile hand held computers and smartphones.  

Our systems enable your business to keep track of virtually anything from manufactured goods to valuable assets or an entire offsite workforce. Simple solutions utilising proven technology such as barcodes & RFID can greatly improve accuracy and data recording tasks can be carried out in just a fraction of the time compared to a manual paper based system.

We can offer a complete turn key solution rather than just simply a boxed up product and provide solutions that meet the exact needs and expectations of our customers which in turn result in numerous time and labour saving benefits.

So regardless of whether you’re simply in need of a box of labels, a low cost label printer or barcode scanner, or require a comprehensive tracking solution, Barcodes For Business are the ideal partner to work with to help you achieve your goal.

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Barcodes For Business Ltd – Top-of-the-Line Label Printing System in the UK

Are you in search of tools to help streamline the tracking of your inventory? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to Barcodes For Business Ltd, a leading Auto-ID solutions provider that puts a premium on customer service.

We aim to assist companies across all business sectors, including food and beverages, medical/pharmaceutical, household/cosmetics, and transport/ logistics. Whether you are looking to introduce new barcode systems and RFID technology to your workflow or upgrade to the up-to-the-minute devices and software, we have got what you need. Barcodes for Business Ltd is where uncompromised quality and service are pieced together.

We have the comprehensive scanning solutions you seek

We are one of a few companies offering a vast array of effective solutions related to product identification, production monitoring, batch traceability, and inventory management. Our inventory comprises label printing systems, barcode scanners, RFID readers, ID card printers, NFC readers and digital displays, among others. These state-of-the-art devices work seamlessly with PCs, tablet devices, mobile handheld computers and a majority of later-model Android smartphones.

For software and services, our solutions include stock & inventory applications, delivery tracking software, inspection & field service programs, price markdown apps and other digital assets. You can find all of these available to download to a mobile device or Windows computer straight from our online library. Alternatively, we can create a turn-key solution specific to your unique needs.

At Barcodes for Business Ltd, we take great pains to ramp up our clients’ businesses by enhancing their working processes. All of the products, services, and digital label printing solutions our company offers aim to meet your exact organisational needs and expectations. And, if you are all set and just looking for ink ribbons or labels, we can help you with this as well!

Why teaming up with Barcodes for Business Ltd always pays off in spades?

Since 1992, Barcodes for Business Ltd have been helping sort out issues companies around the United Kingdom face. Our company has gained the trust and respect of many loyal clients from Brighton to Belfast during this time, all thanks to our core commitment to impeccable customer service.

Our expertise in scanning systems, print and apply label machines has only grown, and we guarantee you won’t find a more knowledgeable partner to work with. Rather than pushing retail-like, ready-made generic solutions, we dive deeper to learn your company’s needs, pain points and wishes to deliver custom solutions to exceed your expectations. In turn, our customers tend to acknowledge us for the savings on their time and labour.

We also know that in any successful business, every pound counts. For this reason, we strive to provide quality products and services at the lowest prices anywhere in the UK.

Don’t hesitate to choose Barcodes for Business Ltd to fulfil your business requirements. Whether you need a small box of refill labels, a barcode system, or an overhaul of your existing warehouse inventory tracking system, we are the ideal partner to work with. And, our job isn’t over after the sale – we go the extra mile to provide post-purchase customer support and advice, as well!






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