Delivery Tracking

Delivery Tracking

Easily track your deliveries with the Delivery Tracking & Recording application designed for a wide range of Android & Windows mobile devices.

Keep the records you need for your deliveries including: The package number; Recipient name; Delivery date & time; POD signature; & any delivery issues . If your device has GPS functionality then this can also be used to record the co-ordinates of the location.

Simply scan the packages to be delivered using the built-in barcode scanning functionality of your hardware. This will populate the data grid so you can see all deliveries per customer at a glance. Enhance and streamline your workflow with this simple Delivery Tracking application.

*All of our mobile software applications are fully customisable to suit customer requirements.

Application Features:

  • Scan packages to record & view order details
  • Can display all items/consignment numbers per order
  • Barcode verification to ensure data accuracy
  • Signature capture for proof of delivery
  • Relay data back to server via SMS as a file or email
  • Can record GPS co-ordinates of delivery points and current location (requires GPS enabled hardware).

System Requirements:

  • Mobile device running Windows Mobile/ CE or Android OS.
  • Touch screen operation, with minimum 3.7″ colour display.
  • Integrated barcode scanner on mobile device (Optional – recommended)
  • Stand alone or network PC running Microsoft Excel, Access Database or similar.
  • Network router with Port Forwarding enabled (for ftp option)

Delivery Tracking applications can be used in conjunction with Mobile Sales & Order Picking to provide a complete logistical solution. All our software solutions are compatible with popular accounts software packages such as Sage & Pegasus and common databases like SQL or Access.