Asset & Equipment Tracking

Asset and Equipment Tracking

A range of simple asset and equipment tracking solutions are available for you to download from our library and use on a mobile or tablet device. Choose from several different asset applications such as auditing fixed assets in a location or tracking fast moving assets in and out of a storage facility.

How the asset and equipment tracking works?

The Asset Audit application displays a list of all assets per room or location and then enables you to scan each of them to check them off the list. Any missing items are then compiled within a separate list for reporting purposes.

The Check In, Check Out application allows you to keep track of where your assets are and who hasn’t returned them. You can also capture signature verification upon Check-Out and Check-In of an Asset.

List of benefits

  • Ready made applications means no development costs
  • Can be used on your existing Windows or Android devices so no hardware costs involved
  • Use of Barcode or RFID technology means a greater degree of accuracy & reduced errors
  • Fast efficient data capture, so less time involved tacking down items.

Selected Screenshots

System Features:

  • Send data to the mobile device via USB or wireless connection
  • Select locations from a drop down list on screen
  • Displays a list of all known assets per location
  • Barcode or RFID scanning of asset identification to ensure accuracy
  • Time saving feature to check off all items per location
  • Add comments such as condition of asset
  • Date & Time stamp of all audited assets
  • Signature capture option available for Check In/Out application

System Requirements:

  • Handheld or Tablet PC device running Windows Mobile/CE or Android OS.
  • Touch screen operation, with minimum 3.7″ colour display
  • Integrated barcode scanner on Mobile Device or peripheral scanning hardware for Tablet PC option
  • Wireless network for live mode operation (optional)
  • Stand alone or network PC running Microsoft Windows XP/7/8 with  MS Access or SQL Database, Excel spreadhseet or similar
  • PC/Laptop with 1 x available USB port

Looking for a complete turn key solution? We can provide you with an Asset Management system that includes a comprehensive database, reports generator and portable handheld data collector. For full details please click here