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Hardware Support & Help

All hardware products supplied to our customers are covered by a minimum of 12 months manufacturers warranty and in some cases for certain software products it is provided free of charge for the lifetime of the product. Warranties for hardware, regardless of the period covered, are provided on the basis that the unit is returned by the customer to the manufacturer for any inspections or repairs that are required.

This process can take a number of days or even weeks in some cases before the unit is returned and so we offer a number of support contract options for any make or model of label printer as well as a wide range of mobile computers too.

Please note that label printer support contracts can be taken out at virtually any time during the hardware’s working life providing they are in good working order beforehand whereas mobile computer contracts must be taken out within 30 days of the hardware purchase.

Hardware Support FAQ’s

  1. Does all hardware come with a 12 month warranty? – No, some hardware is supplied with 2 or 3 year warranties depending upon the product type, make and model.
  2. My device isn’t working correctly but I’m not sure if its faulty. Who should I contact? Initially you can contact us, we provide the first line of support for the lifetime of all our products and can help diagnose the problem to establish if it’s an error or a major fault requiring urgent attention.
  3.  Can I loan identical hardware whilst my unit is being repaired? In some cases Yes we can provide our customers with a loan unit, however we have limited stocks and so cannot guarantee availability at the time of your request.
  4. Does a support contract guarantee a definitive turnaround time for repairs? Yes, anything from one day responses to a week can be catered for.
  5. Am I covered for accidental damage? Yes but only if you take out an appropriate contract which covers for all accidental damage to your hardware.