EU Food Allergen & Nutrition Labeling Regulation

Major Changes on Food Labeling Regulation

The European Food Information To Consumers Regulation that came into effect in 2011 is becoming mandatory by December 2016. It represents the first major revision of Europe’s food labeling rules in 30 years and requires food businesses to redesign the format and content of their food labels. The regulation required businesses to change labeling of allergen ingredients in 2014. In 2016 it is mandatory to provide nutrition facts information.

NiceLabel have studied the regulation thoroughly to prepare simplified guides about the key changes coming your way and they have updated their label printing solutions to help you become compliant with the regulation as quickly as possible.

Download our handy e-book guide, ready made solution or free copy of their label software below:

A Brief Guide To The EU Nutrition Labels

The FIC Regulation is bringing some major changes to the food labels in December 2016 and food businesses need to adapt their nutrition facts tables to comply with it.

The NiceLabel 2017 ebook provides you with a simplified guide where you will find:

  • What the regulation is and what it aims,
  • What the key changes are,
  • 4 steps you need to take to smoothly manage the transition,
  • And how you can turn this change into an opportunity for your business.

Did you know that an average shopper takes 13 seconds before making a decision regarding a product? How about the fact that an increasing number of people pay attention to the nutrition facts labels and are becoming better aware of their dietary habits and food choices by the day?  Put simply – Labels now play a very important role in helping to sell your goods!

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Download the EU food labeling solution

NiceLabel have created a complete solution for managing your labels in compliance with the EU regulation. This solution includes:

  • A predesigned label template that you can easily modify to suit your needs
  • A predesigned label printing form so production staff can quickly print accurate labels
  • A database you can use to manage your product and nutrition data
  • An easy-to-use form that allows your authorized staff manage the data

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