Stock and inventory control systems can transform your business

If your business is growing then you almost certainly need a good system for tracking your stock and inventory rather than simply counting things by hand. Investing in a stock and inventory control management system could potentially transform your business. Here are a few reasons why.


Having a stock and inventory control management system in place can keep you up to date on stock levels at all times. It’s particularly handy if you’re shifting a lot of units, when it is much harder to count everything by hand. Having something in place to do the counting for you, lets you keep track of what’s in stock and what needs to be re-ordered before you run out, without having to do a lengthy check.


Human error is to be expected when people are in charge of counting stock manually. However, such mistakes can potentially be very costly to business. This problem is made worse when a lot of products are being sold or delivered, making it very difficult for staff members to complete an accurate stock take.

You can eliminate this issue by having a designated system do stock takes for you, ensuring you have up to date inventory reports all the time.


Underlying the last two points is that a stock and inventory control management system can considerably speed up the process of counting your stock. There’s no need to go through all your products and count each one you have in. There’s no need to recount when you sell a number of items.

Your stock and inventory control management system keeps you up to date with how much of each item you have in stock, which will save you loads of man hours that would otherwise have been spent doing a stock-take.

Barcodes for Business offers a stock and inventory manager for Windows Mobile/CE devices to help you make your inventory management faster, more accurate and more efficient. It’s a fully portable system that you can use in or outdoors and is compatible with most Windows or Android devices. If you’re thinking of investing in a stock and inventory management system, please contact our team.