Integrated Catering Management Solution for Natasha’s Law

For those businesses involved with Pre-packed direct for sale “PPDS” food items, Natasha’s law is only a few months away.

If you don’t currently have a labelling solution or use a manual process to label your products, it may seem daunting and potentially costly having to comply with these new legal requirements. If dealing with multiple suppliers and ingredients, it could be a perfect opportunity to implement an integrated catering solution that manages the whole process including stock, ordering, allergen labelling and recipe/menu management.

IndiCater has partnered with Toshiba and RL Solutions to provide a solution ideally suited for contract caterers, events caterers, leisure facilities, hotels pubs, healthcare, colleges and universities; helping customers to operate with greater accuracy, consistency and profitability – from ordering stock to controlling portion sizes.

What the solution comprises?

Food rotation /allergen manager software:

Complete traceability and stock rotation of all items within kitchen, including the ability to analyse your ingredient list, seek key allergen words and place formatting around the key allergen words so that they are printed out in a format compliant with Natasha’s Law. The easy to use and install software is pre-loaded with a list of the current allergens and is user editable so allergens can be added, edited or deleted as required.

StORM (stock, ordering and recipe/menu management):

To manage catering orders and ingredients from suppliers. The package offers everything from recording closing stock takes and creating orders using suppliers’ catalogues, through to creating recipes and menus that are automatically costed in real time. Switch tool to change an ingredient across multiple recipes simultaneously. To get the most out of Recipe & Menu Manager, adding e-Procurement will also provide live supplier catalogue data. Together these tools offer a fully integrated online production solution, with significant financial returns.

Toshiba desktop labelling printer:

Robust and compact label printer, printing food grade, FDA-approved thermal transfer labels that do not melt, change colour, or lose their legibility – even when applied to hot food containers.

By looking at an integrated catering solution, customers can manage their recipes centrally, thereby controlling the ingredients, costs, portion size and allergen and nutrition content of each dish, whilst giving their sites the tools to print their own labels with the confidence that the content is up to date and accurate.

Key benefits of the solution:

  • Food safety compliance.
  • Full ingredients exposure including highlighted allergens.
  • Comprehensive allergen and nutritional data, detailed recipe specification and production methods.
  • The ability to track and manage waste.
  • Individual sites can create and manage recipes centrally and print a label in their kitchens using real time data.
  • Online recipes can be created with ease using live cost and ingredient data received direct from suppliers.
  • Complete management of recipe costings and margins.
  • Off the shelf, easy to configure solution.
  • Full reporting; audit trail and complete traceability.
  • A choice of label templates and designs.
  • Everything in one system – allergen management; stock and ingredients management and invoicing control.

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