Elo Wallaby Pro Floor Stand Top

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Product Code: E989314

Elo Wallaby Pro floor stand top, compatible with 22-inch I-Series, 24-inch or 27-inch touchscreen monitors.

Elo’s Wallaby Pro stands are changing the industry by making it easier than ever to create interactive self service solutions. Purpose-built to handle high-traffic environments, the sleek, space-saving stands are designed to support endless configurability options and easy access to internal components. Choose a 22- to 27-inch Elo touchscreen, a compute device, a printer, an ADA keypad or assist button, payment devices and edge connect accessories and a backer board for additional brand messaging. The Wallaby Pro provides the flexibility businesses need to get self-service solutions up and running quickly.

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Elo Wallaby Pro Floor Stand Top

Product Code: E989314

The Wallaby Pro is changing the industry by making it easier than ever to configure interactive self service solutions.


Choose from wall, counter and floor models.

Engineered with configurations to fit any space, the modular design is perfect for retail, restaurants, hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments.

Add a 22-, 24- or 27-inch touchscreen display.

Power your self service kiosk with the I-Series all-in-one or pair your choice of touchscreen monitor with a compute device.

Make it single-sided

or double sided

Add a backer board.

Elevate your self serve solution by adding a custom branded backer board that easily connects to the back of the stand or ceiling pole.

Add a ceiling pole.

Route cabling upwards using the ceiling pole to minimize the impact on your current footprint.

Easy access to key components.

The Wallaby Pro Self Service Stands offer concealed housing for a power strip, power bricks, a compute device and cables ? all with easy access to key components.

Add a printer.


Connect accessories to the edge

Elo Edge Connect offers an expansive lineup of accessories that seamlessly attach to the edge of the display including – EMVs, barcode scanners, status lights, cameras, RFID, MSR, fingerprint scanner and more.

Customize yourself service solution!

From wrapping the backer board and adding your logo to branding the front with your choice of color, the Wallaby Pro can be customized to fit your business.

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