CBL-500-300-S00 Honeywell 9.8ft Straight USB Cable

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Product Code: CBL-500-300-S00

Cable: USB, black, Type A, 3m (9.8ft), straight, 5V host power

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Honeywell 9.8ft Straight USB Cable

Product Code: CBL-500-300-S00

Honeywell 9.8ft Straight USB Cable is a versatile and dependable accessory designed to provide a direct and efficient connection between your Honeywell devices and USB-enabled peripherals. With a practical length of 9.8 feet, this straight cable offers ample flexibility without sacrificing data integrity.

Crafted for professional use, the cable features high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability in daily operations. The straight design eliminates tangling, offering a neat and organized solution for connecting devices such as scanners or printers.

This USB cable is a practical and essential choice for various applications, providing a seamless and reliable link between your Honeywell devices and USB peripherals. Whether in retail, logistics, or other industries, the Honeywell 9.8ft USB Cable streamlines connectivity and contributes to an efficient workflow.

Upgrade your connectivity solutions with this reliable accessory, designed to meet the demands of professional environments where a stable and straightforward connection is essential.

Honeywell 9.8ft Straight USB Cable combines practicality with performance, offering users a straightforward and reliable solution for connecting their Honeywell devices to USB peripherals. With a versatile length of 9.8 feet, this cable provides the necessary reach for various applications without compromising data transfer speeds or power delivery.

Crafted with durability in mind, the cable features high-quality construction materials that ensure longevity and resilience in demanding professional environments. Its robust design is built to withstand daily wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics, or manufacturing.

The straightforward design of the cable not only minimizes tangles but also facilitates quick and hassle-free connections. This makes it a practical choice for users who value efficiency and a clean workspace, allowing for a more organized and streamlined workflow.

Whether you’re connecting scanners, printers, or other USB peripherals, the Honeywell 9.8ft Straight USB Cable is a reliable companion for your connectivity needs. Upgrade your setup with this essential accessory that blends ease of use with the durability required for consistent performance in professional settings.



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