Zebra ZQ320 Indoor Mobile Label & Receipt Printer | USB, Bluetooth, WLAN Dual Radio

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Product Code: ZQ32-A0W01RE-00
The mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. The ZQ310 2-inch and ZQ320 3-inch indoor models allow associates to print receipts anywhere in the store to prevent abandoned sales, improve the shopper experience and increase revenue. And with on-the-spot printing of labels, associates can complete markups, markdowns and shelf label audits faster, preventing costly pricing errors.


Zebra ZQ320 Indoor Mobile Label & Receipt Printer (ZQ300 Series) | USB, Bluetooth, WLAN Dual Radio

Product Code: ZQ32-A0W01RE-00

The mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. With receipt
printing, associates can ring up sales anywhere in the store to prevent abandoned sales, improve the shopper experience and increase
revenue. And with on-the-spot printing of labels, associates can complete markups, markdowns and shelf label audits faster and more
accurately — providing more time to help more shoppers and preventing costly pricing errors. With the Zebra ZQ320, your associates
can do it all. This compact and lightweight printer is designed for easy one-handed operation, bringing all-day comfort to mobile printing.

Unique, patented battery and battery management technologies deliver the longest battery cycle times for constant full-shift power.
When it comes to durability, the ZQ320 offers the most rugged specifications in its class. With support for 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0,
you get the latest wireless connections in this class for fast printing. And the ZQ320 runs Link-OS® and is supported by our powerful Print. DNA suite of applications, utilities and developer tools that deliver a superior printing experience through better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration. The ZQ320 — the affordable little mobile printer that delivers big business value.


One printer — dual capabilities: receipts and labels

Now, one printer can do double duty: the same printer your store associates use to print receipts for point of sale transactions can also print labels for shelves as well as item markdowns and markups.

Connect to virtually any handheld

Pair the ZQ320 with practically any mobile device — any Bluetoothenabled Zebra mobile handheld computer and tablet, as well as any Android, iOS, Windows CE and Windows Mobile device. And with Wi-Fi connectivity, the ZQ320 can easily double as a desktop printer to support local printing needs as well as labels you might receive from your corporate headquarters.

Print inside — and outdoors

If your retail store has outdoor departments, no problem. With IP54 sealing and support for water-resistant media, you can count on legible text and scannable barcodes, even when printing in the rain or snow.

Less waste with linerless media

Go greener with linerless media. Workers no longer need to dispose of used liner material. And since linerless media has up to 60% more labels per roll, it requires fewer roll changes, improving printer uptime — and associate productivity.

Global media support

With support for 3.15 in./80 mm wide media, the ZQ320 can accommodate US standard and international metric media widths.


Sleek consumer styling on the outside — with superior Zebra industrial design on the inside

You get the best of both worlds with the ZQ320. The lightweight design ensures user comfort all shift long. The slim profile makes it easy to use in tight spaces and cramped aisles without bumping into fixtures or walls. And while its contemporary look fits right into the most design conscious retail store, you get the durability for which Zebra is famous. It’s the only printer in its class to offer triple durability specifications: IP54 sealing, a 5 ft./1.5 m drop specification and a 500-drop tumble specification, which simulates the real-world tumbling that follows a drop. The result? The ZQ320 simply works, even if your employees drop it, bump it, use it in a dusty backroom or splash liquid on it.


The latest wireless connections for faster printing

Enjoy superior printing speeds and power efficiency with the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0 Classic and Low Energy. And with support for WLAN 802.11ac and the latest Wi-Fi security protocols, you get blazing fast and secure connections whether you connect the ZQ320 to a host mobile device or a Wi-Fi network.

Robust and reliable connectivity

Zebra’s patented Power Smart Print Technology™ offloads processing from the printer CPU, freeing up processing power to better manage wireless communications. The result? More consistent and dependable wireless connections for maximum productivity.

Split-second tap-to-pair simplicity

The integrated NFC tag allows users to pair the ZQ320 with any Zebra NFC-enabled mobile device with a quick tap — no more scanning barcodes, manually configuring devices for discovery or accidental pairing with another nearby device. Even new and temporary workers are up and running in seconds, without having to call for support.


User-replaceable PowerPrecision+ battery for full-shift power and extraordinary battery management capabilities

Your workers depend on their mobile printers nearly every minute of the day. And with the ZQ320, you can be sure that every worker has plenty of power for every shift. The PowerPrecision+ 2280 mAh battery, a unique sleep mode and patented Power Smart Print Technology™ combine to minimize power requirements, offering one of the longest cycle times in this class. A wealth of easily accessible battery metrics makes it easier than ever to identify, remove and replace aging batteries before they impact productivity. And the ZQ320 battery is user-replaceable for perpetual power — ZQ320 printers never need to be taken out of service due to a dead battery.

Power-saving sleep mode with instant wake

This intelligent printer automatically enters sleep mode when it is idle, and automatically wakes up upon receipt of a printing job — no need for workers to remember to turn off the printer to save power. Reduce battery power consumption up to 30 percent with patented Power Smart Print Technology™ This patented Zebra technology reduces battery power consumption by calculating and delivering the exact amount of power required to provide the highest quality printing. Where competitive devices provide a constant level of power, the ZQ320 print speed is adjusted dynamically in real time, based on many factors — from motor torque, battery and print head temperature to print density, battery age, available voltage and more. As a result, power consumption is reduced by an average of 20 to 30 percent per battery cycle.

The most charging options for maximum flexibility — and scalability

Multi-slot printer and battery chargers that utilize a common base and can even accommodate select Zebra mobile computers make it easy to cost-effectively create a rack-based backroom charging station that can accommodate all your devices now — and in the future. Single-slot printer and battery chargers are ideal on any desk. And with the AC-to-USB power adapter, users can simply plug the printer into any outlet to charge.


Industry-first application for easy, remote management of Bluetooth-connected ZQ320 printers — only from Zebra

Zebra’s one-of-a-kind Bluetooth Remote Management application gives you real-time visibility and remote management of all ZQ320 printers that are connected to any Android device via Bluetooth. Running on the Android mobile device, this application collects and sends a wealth of information about the ZQ320 to your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution — either Zebra’s Printer Profile Manager Enterprise printer management software or SOTI MobiControl. Now, the same tool you use to remotely manage your other mobile devices also allows you to easily update, monitor and troubleshoot your mobile printers, all in real-time from a remote central location. Printer management shifts from reactive to proactive, improving printer uptime, ROI and TCO. And since this solution utilizes a secondary Bluetooth communication channel, it won’t interfere with ZQ320 printing, protecting printer and mobile device performance.

Zebra Print DNA – transforming printers from the inside

Zebra Print DNA is the genetic code that injects business-catalytic capabilities into our Link-OS printers through its unique combination of innovative applications, utilities and developer tools. The result is a superior printing experience through better performance, simplified remote manageability and easier integration.

Optional printer management services for maximum management flexibility

If you’re still tracking your printers manually, then you are likely missing out on information that could save you money. Zebra’s powerful visibility service options deliver critical insight into the information you need to prevent printer downtime and maximize the return on this key business asset. Our cloud- and subscription-based Asset Visibility Service (AVS) provides insight into the basic health information and proactive steps required to keep your ZQ320 printers up and running — all for just pennies a day. The comprehensive fully-featured Operational Visibility Service (OVS) connects to an MDM and allows you to monitor just about any aspect of your Zebra printer, as well service and repair status. See the current status and disposition of all of your printers, printers at a specific site, specific models or a specific printer — and much more.

Consistently exceptional Zebra Certified Supplies

Printing supplies can impact everything from printhead lifespan to operational efficiency. That’s why we design, produce and rigorously pretest our own line of thermal printing supplies to ensure consistent, optimized performance in your Zebra printer — and peace of mind for you. For industry-leading quality, service and thermal printing expertise, choose Zebra Certified Supplies.

Maximize the availability of your printers with Zebra OneCare™ Services

Zebra OneCare Support Services enable your critical business operations. With multiple service levels to choose from, you can protect your investment while achieving maximum uptime and peak performance. Get unmatched support — direct from the manufacturer — with live agent telephone technical support, comprehensive coverage, including accidental damage and defined repair and turnaround times. Plus optional services like Device Commissioning, Onsite Repair, Battery Refresh and Replacement Service and Express Shipping let you tailor your service plan to your individual business needs.

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B-EX6T1 – Near Edge Ribbon, 305dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T1-TS12-QM-R], B-EX6T1 – Near Edge Ribbon, 203dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T1-GS12-QM-R], B-EX6T3 – Flat Head Ribbon, 305dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T3-TS12-QM-R], B-EX6T3 – Flat Head Ribbon, 203dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T3-GS12-QM-R]

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