Zebra ZQ320 (Indoor)


ZQ320 Printer, Indoor, USB, Bluetooth and WLAN Dual Radio
Mfr Part # ZQ32-A0W01RE-00


Zebra ZQ320 Indoor Mobile Label & Receipt Printer (ZQ300 Series)

The mobile printing capabilities in your retail store directly impact customer service quality and associate productivity. The ZQ310 2-inch and ZQ320 3-inch indoor models allow associates to print receipts anywhere in the store to prevent abandoned sales, improve the shopper experience and increase revenue. And with on-the-spot printing of labels, associates can complete markups, markdowns and shelf label audits faster, preventing costly pricing errors.


Download Zebra ZQ320 Indoor Datasheet (950 KB)

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B-EX6T1 – Near Edge Ribbon, 305dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T1-TS12-QM-R], B-EX6T1 – Near Edge Ribbon, 203dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T1-GS12-QM-R], B-EX6T3 – Flat Head Ribbon, 305dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T3-TS12-QM-R], B-EX6T3 – Flat Head Ribbon, 203dpi [Mfr Part # B-EX6T3-GS12-QM-R]