01600BK08345 – 1600 Wax ribbon, 83mm x 450m, 25mm core, 18 rolls per box

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01600BK08345 – 1600 Wax ribbon, 83mm x 450m, 25mm core, 18 rolls per box


01600BK08345 – 1600 Wax ribbon, 83mm x 450m, 25mm core, 18 rolls per box

01600BK08345 – 1600 Wax ribbon is available in Barcodes for Business. We offer labels & ink ribbons at low prices available on overnight delivery.

A wax ribbon is a type of printing ribbon used in thermal transfer printing technology. Thermal transfer printing is a common method for creating high-quality, durable labels and barcodes on various materials, including paper and synthetic label stocks. The process involves using a thermal printhead to transfer ink from the ribbon onto the label.

Here are some key characteristics and features of wax ribbons:

Composition: Wax ribbons are made primarily of wax-based materials. The composition may include a mix of waxes, resins, and other additives to achieve the desired printing characteristics.

Printing Method: Wax ribbons are used in thermal transfer printers, where heat is applied to the ribbon by a thermal printhead. The heat causes the wax-based ink on the ribbon to melt and transfer onto the label material.

Label Compatibility: Wax ribbons are suitable for printing on a variety of label materials, including paper and some synthetic materials. They are often used for printing labels for shipping, inventory, retail, and other applications.

Print Quality: While wax ribbons generally provide good print quality, they may not be as resistant to abrasion and harsh environmental conditions as some other types of ribbons, such as resin ribbons. However, they are cost-effective for applications where extreme durability is not a primary concern.

Application: Wax ribbons are commonly used in industries where the labels are not exposed to harsh conditions or chemicals. They are popular for applications such as logistics, retail, and product labeling.

Cost-Effective: One of the advantages of wax ribbons is that they are often more cost-effective compared to other ribbon types, making them a preferred choice for businesses with high-volume printing needs.

Available Sizes: Wax ribbons come in various widths to accommodate different label sizes and printer models.

It’s important to note that there are other types of thermal transfer ribbons, such as resin ribbons and wax/resin ribbons, each with its own set of characteristics suited to specific printing requirements. The choice of ribbon depends on factors such as the intended use of the labels, the type of material being printed on, and the desired durability of the printed output.

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