Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printer | Retransfer Printing, Resin Thermal Transfer, Over The Edge Printing, Single-sided/Dual-sided, 600 x 600 dpi, LCD Color Touchscreen, QR Codes, USB, Ethernet, 100 Cards/200 Cards, 150 cards/hour

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The highest print quality and security for all your cards, thanks to 100% Made in Evolis retransfer technology.

  • Exceptional print quality: printing beyond the edge, 600 dpi resolution, single- or double-sided personalization.
  • The highest level of security and durability: multiple encoding options, micro-text, guilloches, high-definition QR code…
  • Immense possibilities in card management: numerous compatible card types, 200-card feeder, print speed up to 150 cards/hour…
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Evolis Agilia Retransfer Card Printer | Retransfer Printing, Resin Thermal Transfer, Over The Edge Printing, Single-sided/Dual-sided, 600 x 600 dpi, LCD Color Touchscreen, QR Codes, USB, Ethernet, 100 Cards/200 Cards, 150 cards/hour

High-level printing.

High-quality printing and security for your cards: discover Agilia, the Evolis retransfer card printer.

Highest print quality with retransfer technology.

Agilia’s retransfer technology gives your cards a perfect aesthetic finish and offers you a wide range of graphic personalization options. This high quality is made possible by its ability to print beyond the edge (the design covers the entire surface of the card) and the 600 dpi resolution of its print head.

The result is brilliantly colored cards, right down to the smallest detail. Any design is possible, single- or double-sided, depending on your needs. And for even more advanced nuance settings, Agilia offers colorimetric profile adjustment: so you get a rendering as close as possible to the colors perceived on screen.

Issue secure, long-lasting cards.

Agilia’s exceptional printing finesse also allows you to print various superior security features as standard. For example, you can print micro-text or high-definition QR codes on your cards, simply by customizing the graphics. If you need an even higher level of security, or to add certain functionalities to your cards, you can also personalize them electrically thanks to the multiple encoding options (magnetic stripe, contact or contactless chip).

Card security and durability often go hand in hand. That’s why the clear ribbon (Clear RT 1200) can be applied in a double layer, giving the card superior resistance to abrasion (available in 2024).

Agilia with lamination module: even greater security and durability for your cards.

Combine Agilia with the Evolis lamination module and you get a complete system for personalizing and protecting all your cards (available in 2024). After graphically and electrically personalizing your cards, they are automatically fed into the lamination module for protection. Varnish, patches, holograms: the possibilities offered by the lamination module are endless.

Ready for the cards of your choice.

Retransfer technology does away with the material and surface finish of the printed card. Agilia can therefore personalize many types of card:

  • PVC, polyvinyl chloride
  • PVC composite, polyvinyl chloride composite
  • PET, polyethylene terephthalate
  • ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PC, polycarbonate.

Printing is possible on all cards with a thickness of between 30 and 50 mil, even those with irregularities (such as chip cards). Agilia personalizes them with a printing speed of up to 150 cards/hour (single-sided). Also equipped with a 200-card feeder and a 100-card hopper, Agilia offers you a high-performance issue.

Sophisticated cards, yet simple to use.

Agilia issues the most sophisticated cards for you, yet it’s simple to use. It offers you an intuitive experience at every stage of card personalization, thanks to a range of software and functionalities:

  • LCD panel with QR code display: present as standard on Agilia, this large color LCD screen informs you in real time of your printer’s status, and helps you when you need it, with QR code display.
  • Easy handling and recognition of consumables: ribbons and cards are easy to insert. Ribbons are automatically recognized by Agilia as soon as they are inserted.
  • Evolis Premium Suite 2 software: enjoy an optimized user experience on Windows and Mac.
  • Evolis Print Service mobile application: available on PlayStore and AppStore, this mobile application lets you print from your smartphone or tablet (Android/iOS) on your Evolis card printer.
  • cardPresso software: create and personalize all your cards from this software included with your Agilia.

The retransfer card printer built to last.

As we know, your needs evolve. That’s why Agilia has been designed to integrate new functions very simply, directly on site (new encoders, lamination module…).

Its robustness and reliability mean that we can offer a lifetime warranty on the print head and a 3-year warranty on the rest of the printer, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

Agilia and Primacy 2: a family resemblance.

You’ve probably noticed the resemblance between Agilia and Primacy 2. They both have the same modern, elegant design, but the similarity between them doesn’t stop there. 100% Made in Evolis, Agilia benefits from all the expertise acquired during the development of Primacy 2 and the associated technological elements (software suite, encoders, lamination module…). It is based on a benchmark in the card printer market, giving it a solid foundation and proven quality.



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