The benefits of event tracking software

Hosting a large-scale event can be tricky. You need to keep an eye on how many people come in and whether only those invited are in attendance, among other things.

Trying to do this manually is a tedious process; it’s easy to make mistakes and can delay the event if you’re keeping track of a lot of attendees. Using event tracking software ensures that these jobs are done efficiently and effectively.

Event tracking software comes in the form of mobile applications, which work by scanning attendees’ ID cards as they enter an event. It is quick and easy to customise according to your needs. The software automatically time and date stamps transactions; a useful tool if you are hosting a number of events close together. Once data is collected, it can be uploaded and sent via a LAN or WAN relatively quickly.

Saves time

Obviously, using event tracking software is a serious time saver and an easy way to ensure all information regarding an event is accurate. With any good visitor registration and tracking system you should only need to touch a screen button or scan a barcode to record or access an attendee’s details on your database, eliminating any panic searching through spreadsheets or paper documents. Staff are able to spend less time on event tracking themselves allowing a more constructive use of their time elsewhere .

Reduces risk

Event risk management is also an important consideration in using tracking software. Using the Check In/Check Out version means you can keep track of exactly who is at the event at any one time. Therefore, for example, if there is an emergency requiring an evacuation then you can perform either a detailed check or simple head count to ensure all delegates are out of the building. Investing in good tracking software could also bring down the overall cost of your insurance premiums too.

Future planning

After the event, the data you collect on attendees can be useful for planning future events. You can work out what type of person your event appeals to, which will help you decide on the kind of events to host in the future. From a marketing perspective, you can also use the software to gather contact details for attendees, with their permission, so that you can inform them about future events.With a 3G/4G connection you can save your attendee list across multiple mobile devices, ensuring your marketing team have a full up to date list at all times.

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