Efficiency with package tracking

Tracking deliveries can be a costly and time resource heavy task for any business. The simple process of tracking where a package is even on site can be a headache if you need to get it somewhere on time. Tracking software brings all kinds of benefits to a business, here are just a few that will help transform the way you work.

Real time information

Delivery tracking software generates real time information including GPS tracking so you can at a glance how far your item has gone on its journey. Delivery software can get proof of delivery with a signature so you know the package has successfully reached its recipient. It will create a system of accountability, where did the package go missing? If you have a network router with port forwarding enabled, you can also save this data via GPRS and analyse for productivity. You can then begin to look at strengthening the weak links of your business for future deliveries.

Create a more efficient service

If you are a retailer, delivery tracking makes complete sense but what if you are not? All industries can benefit from a tracking service from pharmaceuticals straight through to agricultural. Barcode verification of deliveries will ensure that data collected is accurate and greatly reduces human error. Our delivery tracking systems can be used on mobile devices on Windows or Android, on a PC using Access or Microsoft databases so it will be intuitive to your team.

Lower overall cost

How much does it cost you to track a missing package? Once you consider man-hours, resources spent and insurance, you are probably spending more time locating lost items than you think. The initial cost of tracking software may seem scary, but the reality is that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Whatever the cost involved you can expect to make a huge overall saving by switching from a manual system. Evidence of accountability in your systems may also bring down your business insurance premium.

Barcodes for Business offers delivery tracking systems that can be made to measure and can in some cases work with your existing mobile hardware to help keep costs down. They can even work in conjunction with existing mobile sales software to help further improve your customer service. If you need some help or advice on your delivery software, please get in touch with our team.