EloPOS Z20 for Android

Built on Elo’s unified architecture, the EloPOS Z20 delivers a powerful and elegant point‑of‑sale system. Complete with an interactive display, integrated connectivity hub, contained cable routing, Android 10 OS and optional interactive customer-facing display, the EloPOS Z20 brings everything you need to the point of sale.


EloPOS Z20 for Android



Part Number(s):

Main display:
10-inch, Standard Model, Black – E389883
10-inch, Standard Model, White – E411266 (MTO)
10-inch, Value Model, Black – E390647
10-inch, Value Model, White – E411643 (MTO)
15-inch, Standard Model, Black – E390075
15-inch, Standard Model, White – E412033 (MTO)
15-inch, Value Model, Black – E391032
15-inch, Value Model, White – E412421 (MTO)

Z20 POS Stand – E809321

Customer-facing display:
1002L – E155834 and E324341
1302L – E683595 and E683787
1502L – E125496