Honeywell Granit XP 1991iSR

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  • Granit 1991iSR – Scanner Only [Mfr Part # 1991ISR-3-R]
  • Granit 1991iSR – USB Kit [Mfr Part # 1991ISR-3USB-5-R]



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Honeywell Granit XP 1991iSR Ultra Rugged Cordless Industrial Barcode Scanner

Following a legacy of successful deployments, the next generation Granit? XP scanners expand capabilities and redefine ultra-rugged scanning.

With a best-in-class 10? drop spec, Granit? XP is engineered to keep on working after the impact of drops from loading docks, fork trucks, and picking trucks.The 1 meter (3.3 foot) tumble test indicates long term durability with daily knocks and drops from workstation or waist height. A best-in-class 7,000 tumble specification ensures Granit? scanners will be ready to work for the long term.

Field feedback showed that the scan window is a high-frequency failure point for scanning devices in the industrial environment. Granit scanners are designed with a small, deeply recessed, scratch- and impact-resistant window to prevent these failures. This is a critical sealing component, ensuring dust and moisture do not enter the case and degrade scanning performance or cause premature failure; the Granit? solution ensures its IP67 sealing remains intact, even under harsh treatment.

Barcodes make data entry faster and more accurate, maximizing productivity in your operations. However, damaged and low quality barcodes can make transactions slow and painful. Bad labels commonly occur in the warehouse/DC and industrial space due to low quality printing or damage during handling. Granit XP is built on Honeywell?s next-generation imaging platform, integrating a high resolution sensor and enhanced decode algorithms to quickly and accurately read bar code symbols. Granit XP ensures that otherwise challenging labels do not create a bottleneck in your process.

The Granit? XP SR models offer high-durability, eXtreme Performance scanning for standard range operations. Created for applications where high speed scanning is needed to maximize productivity, and where durability is non-negotiable for low total cost of ownership, the Granit? XP 199XiSR scanner offers the optimal solution.


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Granit 1991iSR – Scanner Only [Mfr Part # 1991ISR-3-R], Granit 1991iSR – USB Kit [Mfr Part # 1991ISR-3USB-5-R]

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